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    Our Story

    Our inspiration started with our youngest son who seemed to struggle with many aspects of learning.
    As we already had experience with an energetic family of four children;
    we knew singing and imaginative stories would help our little boy.

    With this in mind, I started to write stories incorporating the alphabet,
    rhymes and fun counting games.
    I recorded them down and added his name to make him feel extra special!
    This helped tremendously.

    Meanwhile I knew how difficult all of my children found times tables so I started to put songs into practice.
    We played them to our youngest and in all honesty he learned them at a speedy rate.
    I could even say he learned them as fast as my eldest daughter who went on to win silver award for Britain in maths.
    Now we are delighted to share our products with children all over the world.
    I read every day on YouTube how many children I am helping and it fills my heart with pride!

    ❤ A special thank you to my husband Mark. He is a professional singer and voice artist,
    he has made Laugh Along and Learn possible for me to achieve 😊