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    Dino-Math Activity Pack

    Watch the video to see an example of The Dino Pack (Personalised for "Cooper")

    The Dino- Math activity pack is a fantastic product for budding math-letes. Each pack offers everything from times table audio songs (2-12) activity sheets, personalised revision and a colourful certificate. We have also included a useful PDF that takes you directly to fun, times table videos.

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    • Dino-Math Activity Pack in a Nutshell!
    • List Of Contents:
    •  Times Table Audio Songs (2 -12)
    •  A Personalised Chart
    •  Fill In The Spaces Grid
    •  Personalised Revision (2 -12)
    •  Activity Sheets (2-12)
    •  Target Circles (2-12)
    •  PDF Linking to Times Table Videos
    •  A Personalised Certificate

    Search Our Database for Your Chosen Name

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    Samantha Walker


    "I can't believe this is only £3.99. The audio songs are worth more than that, let alone the personalised sheets which are unbelievable quality. Great revision sheets, I uploaded them to my sons IPAD and he loved that his name was on them. Thank you so much!"

    M. Knight


    What a fab little package and excellent value! We listen to the songs on the way to school. I laminated the personalised revision posters and she stuck them on her wall. She was delighted to see her name! I have recommended you to all my friends.

    C. Naylor

    West Yorkshire

    Everything you need to learn your times tables is in this pack. I can honestly say my son learned his in less than a week. I wished I had found you sooner as my eldest daughter really struggled to learn. Thank you so much! A great learning tool!


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