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    Todd & Ziggy Times Tables

    Choose from Videos, Audio and Personalised Songs!

    After many requests from our YouTube audience we thought it was time to make an album with our much loved character “Todd”. 

    Todd & Ziggy’s Times Tables are a fun and engaging way for children to learn and practise their times tables. In line with current curriculum guidelines, all tables from 2-12 are covered. We always listen to our audience and have created these amusing and catchy songs to help make learning times tables enjoyable and fun. Approved by experienced maths teachers!

    What Can You Expect from our Times Tables?

    Learning is not a chore with Todd & Ziggy. As the music is familiar and catchy, your child will recognise the melodies so half the battle of learning is already over. The songs are fun and the lyrics stick quickly. A Perfect Learning Tool!

    SONGS 2 - 12 (WILL TEACH THE TIMES TABLES) Each song is comprised of two sections, first of all we teach the times tables. In the second instance we have removed the answers, encouraging your child to fill in the spaces. Our songs include a “skip count” section.

    EXAMPLE: 3 - 6 - 9 -12 - 15 - 18 - 21

    This is a proven method used to support learning multiplication.

    Todd & Ziggy's Video Collection

    Save Money when Purchasing The Full Set!

    Todd & Ziggy's 2-12 Times Table Videos

    * Available as an Instant Download

    £ 8.99

    Receive Todd & Ziggy's times table videos 2 through to 12 at a snip of the price if ordering individually! (Retail Value £14.19)

    Todd & Ziggy's Audio Collection

    Save Money when Purchasing The Full Set!

    Todd & Ziggy-2-12 Times Tables (Audio)

    Todd & Ziggy-2-12 Times Tables (Audio)

    Laugh Along and Learn


    * Available as an instant Download

    Learn to recite times tables quickly and easily with Todd & Ziggy. We have updated the songs from the catchy Reggae Beatz Collection. 
    Recognise the melodies? Various have been used!
    Half the battle of learning is already over if they know the tunes

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