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    Easy Times Tables

    If your child is trying to learn their times tables then you have come to the right place. Teaching through music is ideal for all ages and needs; children seem to retain information presented in song long after images and words of textbooks. Our songs are consistent with strong rhythm and familiar tunes, which help aid learning by repetition. Times Tables become a pleasure to know as they learn the lyrics easily. ★ To sum it up; our multiplication songs provide a winning combination of warm, feel good music along with a good approach to learning. Just sit back and relax whilst your child learns and has fun!

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    Customer Feedback

    I would just like to say , I am a repeat customer after buying a CD two years ago to help my son (who was 8 at the time).
    He struggles with concentration issues so learning boring repetitive patterns can be very difficult for him, however, thanks to Laugh Along and Learn he knows them all off by heart and still refers to the songs when reciting them. He said it feels like he's cheating as he's learning though song.
    My daughter would also listen to it in the car and as a result was she able to recite her 4, 6 and 12 times tables by the age of 3!! The CD did end up getting fairly scratched causing track 10 onward to keep jumping, so thought I would buy another in my daughter’s name to keep them refreshed. She was so excited to see her name this time!! As for the YouTube videos, yes I had come across them, but completely forgot about it. Will have to show my daughter later! Thanks for the reminder :-) and thank you for your excellent products and customer service.

    - H. Bryant -